Dental Implants Survival at Sites after Implants Failure: A Review

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Abdulla Al-Ani*, Deema Najib, Kenak Ketan Ganguly


Purpose of this review was to study the survival rate of implants placed at sites, which had an implant failure, and to inspect factors that might affect outcomes after retreatment. Material and Methods an electronic search was carried out in Medline/Pubmed. The search used (MeSH Words) with the terms like “Dental Implant, “Implant failure retreatment.” The search was limited to the English language only, human subjects, and limited to the time period between the years 2010 and 2018.  Conclusion A comparatively high survival rate of 86.3% for implant retreatments was observed with follow-up ranging from under 1 year to over 5 years. Higher survival rates in retreatment were reported with rough-surfaced implants than with smooth surfaced implants. The relatively high overall implant survival rate after retreatment suggests that most initial implant failures are likely attributable to modifiable risk factors, such as implant architecture, anatomic  site, infection, or occlusal overload.

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