Secondary School Learners Perception on Effects of Instructional Materials in Performance in Geography

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Keshav Raj Dhakal


This study is an investigation into the effects of instructional materials in performance of students in teaching and learning geography in secondary schools in Kathmandu district. The design of this research study is survey research design. Three secondary schools are selected for the study. The population of the study comprises all the students of government secondary schools in Kathmandu district. Among the students, fifty students in selected schools are selected by lottery method. The primary data are collected through a survey questionnaire. A Likert scale mean is used with assigned value 4,3,2,1 for strongly agreed, agreed, disagreed and strongly disagreed respectively. An average of 2.5 is used to determine the mean which are obtained through method of finding mean of an under grouped data. This mean that any score equal to and more than 2.50 is considered as agreed response and any mean score less than 2.49 was considered as disagreed responses in this study. The findings of the research reveals that instructional materials have effects students’ performance in the teaching and learning geography in secondary schools.

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