Cut-Off Analysis in Some Parts of the Nagar, Kulik and Sudhani River, West Bengal and Bihar, India

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Biswajit Das*
Dr. Rumki Sarkar
Nanigopal Sarkar


Formation of meander cut-off focuses some distinct migratory nature of the main channel over time and space. The cut-off is a crescent shaped micro relief feature occurring generally within the river meander belt in the different physiographic region. In the present work the cut-off has been considered which are formed in the northern portion of the lower Ganga flood plain region which comes under the Tista megafan. The flood plain is formed mainly during the Holocene Pleistocene deposits. This paper mainly focused on cut-off formation, characteristics and their uses in different three rivers in the study area. The impact of shifting cut-off, landuse type of cut-off, economic benefit of cut-off is discussed in this paper.

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