Role of Samshamana & Samshodana Chikitsa in the Management of Madhumeha along with Lifestyle Modification

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Dr. Deepti L Kawale
Dr. Sharad Durgaprasad Tripathi


Diabetes is one of the most common pathological conditions affecting large number of population globally. The complications of diabetes lead other diseases which ultimately affect quality of life and sometimes become major causes of morbidity. Ayurveda described term Madhumeha for diabetes along with treatment approaches including Samshamana chikitsa, Samshodana chikitsa and lifestyle modification. As per Ayurveda dietary modification and Yoga also play vital role in the management of Madhumeha. Present article described Ayurveda perspective on Madhumeha and its management through Samshamana & Samshodana chikitsa along with lifestyle modification.

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