Music Helps in Inducing More Milk Yield

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Kateřina Ashutosh Mallick, Dr. (Mrs.) Nirupama Dalai, Dr. Akshay Kumar Kundu, Dr. Ambika Prasad Khadanga Mahapatra*, Dr.N.Panda, Dr. G.P.Mohanty


This study was carried out to find the effect of only soothing acoustic stimulus (music), on the amount of milk produced by aged Crossbred (CB) cows (10-14 yrs) during summer season, animals of almost same body weight & age were selected, irrespective of their other physiological stages like stage of lactation, number of calvings, stage of pregnancy, etc. For which, we conducted three cycles of with the music & without the music played, where each cycle consisting of twenty days (20 days) in which first five (5) days without music and subsequent fifteen (15) days with the music played during milking time. Music selected was of instrumental (Flute) track (to avoid human voice). Two speakers were kept in such a way that the sound would be uniformly distributed throughout the shed. Diurnal variation was observed in milk production on response to the music played though milk production during evening time was found to be more than that of morning hour indicating more stressful environment (evening time in comparison to morning time) is more affected /alleviated by the soothing music. Increase in milk amount would be due to both animal’s as well as the milking person’s efficiency. Authors highlight that in stressed ambience music playing not only increase in total milk yield but also have calming & relaxing effect on the animals.

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