Improvement of Project Managers´ Communication Competence in Foreign Language through Drama Techniques

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Silvia Jakabová*, Michal Hanák, Róbert Modranskýz


This paper analyses the possibility of using drama as one of the techniques of communication competence of Czech and Slovak project managers, non-native speakers, improvement. It is aimed at investigating the effects of drama techniques and their use in second language (English) acquisition. The essential of the study is not to inform about all the methods available, but to determine the beneficial outcomes of those practices. The search was carried out in 10 workshops Project management 3.0 realized by company Projectman. The participants were students of A2 to B2 language level.

It comprises of two parts: Theoretical part introduces generally known drama techniques and their possible use in the target language teaching and learning. Practical part encompasses detailed description of activities applied in workshops Project management 3.0 and their assessment.

The results of the study indicate that drama techniques are valid tools for developing project managers´ English communication competence. It also confirms project managers´ positive attitude toward those practices. Many interactive activities were used which helped to create an environment which was both, enjoyable and effective.

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