PBL through MOOC Vs Creativity Skills among Student

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Md Nasir Bin Masran, Nurul Huda Binti Ibrahim*, Intan Noorazlina Binti Abdul Rahim


Creativity skills refer to students’ ability to generate and refine solutions to complex problems or tasks based on deductive reasoning, analysis, and combining or presenting what they have learned in new and original ways. Other than that, students should be able to think out of the box to examine the ways in solving problems, and the students performed hands-on practices. It may demonstrate a good understanding and build creativity skills in the assessment and task. This implies that students will be more effective if the tasks provide authentic learning with relative purposes and objectives. Students will then be able to learn constructively while putting their hands on to complete or finish their tasks. This study aims to explore the students’ creativity skills by using PBL through MOOCs to participants in five different classes enrolled for the MOOC Module. This observation procedure aims to observe the respondent's attitude throughout the learning process. The unobtrusive observation conduct where the researcher did not interact with the respondents but rather record their behavior.  Results exhibited that the respondents show a positive behaviour attitude towards the element of creativity skills after the implementation of PBL through MOOC.

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