Mobile Innovative Transformational Ecosystem of Management of Humane Technological Society

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Evgeniy Bryndin


Accumulation of modern knowledge, training and development of skills of basic researches of the phenomena, processes, objects and laws of the real world and also applied multi - boundaries - a trance - disciplinary researches in the priority directions of scientific technical progress and strategically important industries has to be the main task of an ecosystem of higher educational institutions. Education has to be continuous and competitive. The ecosystem of education has to continue to train necessary competitive experts. For this purpose participation of wide groups of interested parties in development and expansion of transformational instruments of training is necessary. Communication of educational and scientific activity, their joint actions is real means of increase in efficiency of transformation of innovative competitive education. Joint actions of science and creative innovative higher education accelerate training of highly skilled personnel. Reproduction of highly skilled personnel has a high priority. Large corporations have to make sufficient investments into scientific research in the field of high technologies, training of experts of the corresponding quantity and quality to create the system of public-private partnership in the sphere of the higher education. Creation of big educational complexes which are based on a joint action of the university and the industrial sector – one of the most important directions for development of the hi-tech industry. Joint actions of science and education - an indispensable condition of development of hi-tech humane society

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