All the reviewers are requested that before accepting to review a manuscript they should ensure the following:
i. The manuscript is within their area of expertise.
ii. They can dedicate the appropriate time to conduct a critical review of the manuscript. All the reviewers should declare their conflict of interest and
can decline the review if conflicts exist IJCSMR follow the blind review process so the manuscript and the review process should remain confidential
during and after the review process. Reviewers should ensure it on their part. Review of a manuscript should be fair so reviews should be honest and
should not influence by:-
i. The origin of the manuscript
ii. Religious, political or cultural viewpoint of the author
iii. Gender, race, ethnicity or citizenry of the author In evaluating a manuscript, reviewers should focus on the criteria decided by IJCSMR Reviewers
should only accept manuscript that they are confident that they can dedicate appropriate time in reviewing. Thus, reviewers should review and return
manuscripts in a timely manner